im starting a metal band and cant get a good name, need help on soloing, need help on teaching (other members), and ideas for songs, what you want to ear from a band...
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What kind of metal?

what are your influences?
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band name: S.P.I.T
for teaching other guitar members teach them bar and power chords.thts what i do and it usually works.
So what you're saying is that you can't think of a name, you can't solo, your members can't play anything, you can't write songs, and you don't know what you want to sound like?

Why start a metal band at all?
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haha you listen to tAtU! That's funny. I can't even imagine what kind of horrible genre of metal this won't turn out to be. If you can't solo, you can't write and your members have to learn from YOU, then you're just sad.

Try learning to play the guitar before you try to start a "metal" band.

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is this the kind of metal band where you tune to drop d and play nothing but distorted power chords and shout into a mic as if you actually know what you're screaming?

if so, don't bother, there are enough crap metal bands. leave metal to people who can actually play it.

stick with pop-punk till you and your band get better.

EDIT : and go to the right forum. this should probably be in bandleading. but definately not here

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