ok so i think im bout convinced to put the hot rodded humbucker set from seymour duncan into my epi G-400. i love slash's sound and the sound of heavy hard rock/blues. at the same time i like to tune down to drop D and throw in some heavier metal sounds. this sound like a good idea? im totally into the 80s metal scene (you know all the halen, warrant, poison,AC/DC, G N R!) but i also LOVE to play clean blues and all the things in between. so im wondering whether yall think this is a good idea? i really love a twang sound in clean guitar, do you think it's b/c of the stock pickups? all help and suggestions are appreciated!

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i've been told that alnico IIs dont handle the heavy metal too well. thats why i haven't decided to go w/ his set up.
the hot rod set would be good. I just picked up the Epi G-400 limted edition '66 reissue yesterday and I'm very happy with the alnico's that came stock in it. I thought they were going to be weak, but surprised the hell out of me. I plan to keep them in there now! my other guitar is an Ibanez Iceman with the hot rod set in them, and the G-400 easily keeps up with it.
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i've been told that alnico IIs dont handle the heavy metal too well. thats why i haven't decided to go w/ his set up.

handle metal? That's up to your amp
well my amp is a Vox valvetronix 30 watter. it is great for all styles, really well for metal. but of course there are amps that are far superior for the HEAVY metal scene...

within the next few months tho, i will be buying a used crate 120 watter. the distortion on it is pretty brutal and great for shredding. so that should make for a very nice sound
The hot rodded set is a perfect decision (i won it), the jb is hot it sounds very nice, but its not super hot and its perfect for 80s metal (you know mustaine used it). The Jazz is super nice for cleans and the jb can clean up with the valvetronix (also use it), sometimes it gets muddy on the not so clean models but switch to the jazz and you're all set! The only thing i dislike is that the Jazz is not so great under high gain but the Jb is great for lead anyways so well just try it out.
ok good thanx. i heard they're especially good w/ mahagony bodied guitars w/ rosewood fretboards so thats perfect. s
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handle metal? That's up to your amp


a vox cant really do metal unless boosted.
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