2004 MIM Fender Telecaster.I've done some nice upgrades to this guitar.I added some Texas specials pick ups and they make this thing sound like a dream!!I also added a white pearl pickguard which makes this thing really stand out.Color is the 3-tone burst which looks a lot better than the sunburst IMO.Has a 9.5" radius neck which feels great and the frets have no wear.There is one ding that has been touched up which you cant really tell unless looking at it up close.Condition i would give it a 8.5/10.Includes a fender hardshell case that is as tough as a tank.$350 OBO + Shipping

Trades im looking for:
6 or 7 string

I'm open to any thing really just send me an offer.

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wow...beautiful guitar- but quite over priced- a new guitar is 350.

but with the uprades id say a good price for this is 300

srrry to burst youre bubble- but its quite overpriced
A new one is $400 on MF with out texas specials,hardcase,and pearl pickguard.

$350 seems pretty fair to me...