Hey guys, I need to start recording good quality stuff for a-level music compositions. At the moment I just used audacity and lined out my amp into my mic socket.

So I'm wondering where the best place to go next is. I was thinking of getting a Shure MS57 and plugging that in to my PC and just use audacity again. Then I was wondering about getting one of the Behringer UB mixers to add in.

OR should I get one of those multiple track recorders with built in CD writers. If so how would you set it up?

Thanks for suggestions
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check out line 6 guitarport...i also use a tascam dp01fx which is a multitrack recorder, but it has a USB out to export masters after you finish them. I get much better tone using guitarport though...
If you want something portable, you can get a 4-track portastudio for less than £100. Because you might want to record in your school or record drums which you probably won't be able to get near a computer.