Hey guys ...

Im havin major trouble on this ...the prob is .....its either a key is too high of low to suit my voice .....when its high i have a really hard time hitting the higher notes and when its low ....my voice sounds really weak like it lacks depth ..but i sing fine without instruments ...its just that my comfort zone lies in between two keys ....any tips on what can be done ?
What I would do is take a song that you find difficult to sing in it's regular key, and then throw a capo on if you need to go higher, or downtune if you need to go lower.

For example, say you're play a song with capo 5 and its too high, try moving the capo down to 4 and try singing there. If its still too high, move it down to capo three and so on. Another example: If youre sining at capo 1 is too low, try singing at capo 2 and so on until you find your best range.

Personally, I find singing at capo 4 to be the easist spot to sing, but thats really just because I have a fairly high singing voice...