Im thinking of getting a boss overdrive yellow 1 or an electroharmonix big muff.
Which ones better?
Neither are better - they sound pretty different. What kind of sound do you want?
Dude, they're expensive, but as far as I'm concerned, the Fulltone Bass Drive is the best distortion pedal, period. I really think the Big Muff kills lows (although not as bad as other guitar distortions) and the Boss Bass Overdrive IMO sounds buzzy as hell, as if there's static over your signal.
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Get either the PD7 or Russian Muff. I personally prefer the PD7 because its cheaper and doesn't take away your low end like most guitar pedals do and it gives you the same sound as the Russian Muff except you can make it a little more crunchy sounding. Although you get better highs with the Russian Muff since it is a guitar pedal and not a bass pedal. Your choice.
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Personally, I like the Gallien Krueger Diesel Dawg. It uses the same distortion circuit as their amps. I don't own the pedal itself, but I have one of their amps, and I LOVE it.
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I got a blowtorch overdrive pedal and its nice
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