ive been looking to use maple for the body of a guitar that im building but when i look at other guitars with maple for the body, theyre usually maple on top and mahogany on the bottom(or something similar). is maple not good to use for the whole body of a guitar or can i use it?
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u cn use it buy mohagany gives a brighter tone

NO mogahany duzn't giv u brighter tone.

Maple gives you a bright sound while mahogany gives you a heavier, darker sound.
^ i agree

Alder is an average of them if i remember correctly...
think of maple and alder as a strat and of mahogany as a les paul. ^^ (soundwise)
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Yes, you can use maple for the body. Maple is one of the brightest body woods around, just so you know.
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i have a guitar that's all maple with a maple neck through. i'll warn you, maple is heavier than mahogany.
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it seems that maple may be a little brighter than id like it to be. id like my guitar to be bright but id still like to be able to get some thicker sounds out of it. should i use warmer wood for the neck and fretboard to give me the warmer tones or should i do what most companies do and just have a maple top?
maple tops are used because maple is the wood that most commonly appears in figured (quilt/flame) form. It also balances out the darker tone of the mahogany with its brightness. You could theoretically use any wood for a top.
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alright, thanks guys. do yall think that a mahogany neck might help me get a thicker tone if i wanted one?