so, i decided to do this cover just know how much my voice rules/sucks, it's all one take, one track, only me and my acoustic guitar

as you can see the vocals are not amazing, but my throat it's pretty ****ed up, so, any advice will be welcome

here's the link

It's kind of difficult to hear the vocals, but for the most part they sound pretty good. They are on pitch and your voice has pretty workable tone. The only thing I could critique you on is how you sing, it sounds like the sound is coming more from your nose than your lungs. When you sing, the best thing to do is just push from your diaphragm and let it go. Don't worry about whether or not it will sound good, just sing and practice.

For the most part, this cover was done well, it's a nice song and bands have been doing it supposedly since the 1870's...

Good job and remember just to practice as much as you can. This was pretty good for your first time singing.

Mind giving me some feedback on my singing?