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Tapping, Walking, Slapping, Shredding, and Improvision are some of the biggest styles you'll come by in Bass playing. I'm going to give you an overall idea of each of these lessons in a short description, with a small example of each.

In this style you play your bass like a piano. Hammer-ons without plucking the string. And it resembles playing the piano. Double tapping you bring both right and left hands up and hit the strings with both hands. Play the A string with your Left Index, D string with the Left Pinky, and G-string with the Right middle, or index.


Hold the G (A10) and the D (D12) out, and play the G as a quarter note. That's the general over view of how to tap.

Walking is a style you'll use in Jazz mostly. Blues lines use it alot. The most important part of walking is holding a steady line and Rhythm. To walk, simply make the "little man" with your hand, then make his to feet start walking, next make him walk on the strings, and you've got yourself a walking bass line. To improve on your walking lines, just play it with a metronome. One of the funnest walking lines you'll play is the 12 bar blues. This is the blues in G.


Most important thing is to play that in time. 12Bar Blues will also help you in improvision later on.

Slapping has got to be one of the funnest styles to play. To slap give the computer moniter a thumbs up, now take and rest you hand (While still giving the thumps up) on the E string with your thumb running up the E string. Now take your hand about an inch infront of the strings. Now rotate at your wrist hitting the string with the side of your thumb. It should sound a little more "poppy". Speaking of which, that's the second half to slap bass. Popping you simply reach under your string, hook your finger and pull the string up, up, up, and release. It should make a noticibale Pop. If you don't hear the pop, your not pulling up hard enough, if you break the string, your pulling to hard. Most generally you slap the A+E strings, and pop the D+G strings. But this songs an exception. S stands for slap (dur) and P stands for Pop. Here's a simply slap style exercise.


Fairly simple exercise there. It's fun and easy to play for an introduction to Slap bass. But in more advance styles of this awesome art form, you see index slaps, middle slaps, mutes, many different hand techniques.

Shredding is a form of playing were you just play as fast as possible.

Improv is the hardest thing you'll learn to do as a Jazz musician, or any other type of music for that matter. Improv is spontaneous composition on the spot based off the chord progressions in the song. I'm learning Improvisional skills right now, but with my lack of knowing all the modes of scales, it's not going as good as it could be. But I do know a few modes, so it helps. I like to play using the Blues scale. Whic is 1, 3b, 4, 4#, 5, 7b, 8 OR Whole+half, Whole, Half, Half, Whole+half, Whole. So playing it in F is F, G#, Bb, B, C, Eb, F. So If I doing some improv and the chord is F, I'm going to use notes from that scale. You can use other modes, which will give you different notes to play with but I personally like the Blues scale for jazz. So a quick little improve for a few bars of F.


The 1/3, your sliding for the G#. So the F on the D string isn't a note, it's just a place to end the slide

Well, this is a brief overview of how to play some of the major styles of bass. Let me know which one you want me to go more into detail on first.

Okay, now how do I get this up to the lessons?