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Hey Hey ... Awesome flash there orson!

That's right kiddies, you saw what you saw. I'm Here... and more importantly, I never left.

No Banning
No "flipping out on skype"
No "going out with a bang"

none of it.

I've been here the whole time and it was nothing more than a well executed 4 month long April Fools joke.

For those of you who joined post Nov 25th & have no idea who I am, I do believe you'd know me better as "Paul" or g-love69

"Lol. That's right old buddy old pal! . Man oh man, what a mighty fine April Fools joke you set up . Lololo


So yeah, I know I know ... good to have me back and all that

We'll all be answering any questions you have soon. As for now, there's really nothing else to say besides

April Fucking Fools!!!!


P.S. Everyone who was in on it ... take your bows

Yes, this was the longest four months ever. I’m so glad it’s done, the anticipation of it all was getting unbearable. How many times I would laugh when a sig said “I was there when cas was banned!” Ha! You n00bs know nothing!

P.S. Doug never called Josh and I a nigger.

* casualty01 slinks away, sad, with a paddle in one hand and a strap on in the other.
oohhh shit. 5 months in the making baby!

its been a hell of a time keeping all this up, lol. im glad to have my cas back!
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Jeeze, that was a long four months without my Dougie posting. I still can't believe the whole first few days.
First ten minutes: "Yeah so, Cas will be banned for like, a day or two, it'll be awesome."
Three hours later: "Yeah so, a week sounds good, lets ban him for a week."
Next day: "Okay okay okay, so Cas will be banned until Christmas, it'll be the UG christmas present!"

So many close calls, so many laughs, so many nights with a drunken Cas who can't flame anybody on UG.
Good times my friends. Good times.

BTW: New Podcast coming soon explaining the whole joke to everyone!

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happy april fools

The whole "omgz! the mods should be banned!" was my idea.

Sorry greety for making you look at a baby pic...
Been away, am back
April Fools

Well I must say it’s been an exciting few months with twists galore all starting from that dim November night it was a dim cold night to say the least and both the pit and chat were full of idiots when I found a haven called #inonit, there I found a groups of like minded people whose love of messing with people and doug’s Eiffel tower like penis planned the greatest prank on UG ever. Now Seriously though we started only with a few of us but soon our numbers grew to include almost 20 people who regularly discussed the issue and planned nearly everything to do with Doug’s ban, Assrammer and the KG show and this Flash was the final fruit of our labours, but the comics were awesome as well so major kudos to Dobby, Frenchy, Josh, KG and Orson for their work in that department.
Oh and to anyone who says they knew that this was going to happen, you’re full of shit. We fucking owned your asses. Seriously we played you all like a cheap Vegas ***** who isn’t Clara.

April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
this is even more epic than i thought it ever could be. awesome job, KG, french and orson ARE this comic/story (and some dobby).

usually a guy of many (wasted for the most part) words, i'm going to keep it brief. i remember when this all started i was driving home and got a call on my cell phone from josh and doug and some others saying "so yeah cas just got banned on UG". i was like "oh ..." so naturally i had to speed home and get on skype to hear the whole plan. i'm just glad i don't have to stop and think before posting to make sure i don't call him doug in chat or on the forums. i know keeping "- Cas " out was just as hard for him though. even though i was pulling all that out of my ass in his goodbye thread, because i knew this was all happening, i really did mean all those things i said. doug, you're the man. glad you're back.

april fools, bitches.


I'm so proud of the movie!

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<Frenchy> I'm such a failure

I wish I could say I've been in this since the very beginning, but I haven't... Regardless, I'm glad I was a part of this whole thing. Had some chuckles along the way.

Bye Paul, welcome back Doug!
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*takes a bow* ... not that anyone knows who i am

rach, has anyone told you how sexy you look in green?

I give props for planning this whole thing.... but I'm still..... I don't know what to say anymore.
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EDIT: Nvm, It was only Epic for like 5 minutes. Already used to it.
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Man, I really thought cas got banned and all that!!
Wow and the pit's been renamed and everything!
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Good to have you back, Doug. I know it must've killed you playing g-love for so long. BTW, is all that huggy mushy bullshit still in effect?

And yeah, I was in on it
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Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all

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HOLY $HIT. Cas is back? You guys threw us for a loop. But don't you think this is sort of extreme?
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wow, you guys must have been bored.

but that makes alot more sense now. . . .

and we never got after pics of your veggie diet doug
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Good God, guys.

That was lame. Seriously lame.

Everybody branded us loonies when we said you were playing a joke on us, well, now we're the ones who are laughing! HA! Take that.

Anyways, kudos on keeping us all in the dark when really none of us could have known about this happening in the first place. We got pwned big time.

Major lawls at the amount of autofellatio in this thread, though.
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I know it must've killed you playing g-love for so long.

You've got to be kidding me...