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PLEASE read all of that. It may answer some of your questions. And feel free to contact me via e-mail if you wish to know more. THANKS

Hello. If you enjoy playing videogames you should consider signing up for gamefly. You have probably heard of it through commercials. Anyway, I could really use your help if you are a gamer. I would like for you to sign up for a month of membership. Currently, I am a gamefly member and believe it is a great way to test out new videogames and buy any worth keeping.
A subscription is $14.95 a month for 1 game rental at a time or $21.95 for 2 rentals at a time. You can get unlimited rentals each a month. It’s a lot like the blockbuster total access just with videogames.

You’re able to rent media for the following consoles:

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 2
PSP Games/Movies
Xbox 360
Nintendo DS
Game Boy Advance

At this time you may be questioning yourself why I am handing out fliers. Well I am completing a special offer that gamefly offers to its customers. I need to refer 5 new, paying members through the following special link. Once I get 5 people referred I will receive a special present from gamefly. These presents are chosen randomly and they can be a Wii, Nintendo DS Lite, or 1 free year of subscription to gamefly. Once/if you become a member this opportunity will present itself to you too.


For further details please contact me:
E-mail: svbussiness@yahoo.com

Thank You Very Much
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