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Hi to all out there... I have had a great love for the guitar for as long as I can remember. I retired a year ago and still have not picked up a guitar or taken the time to learn... I have decided it is time .. Basically I would like some advise as to what to buy..Electric or ?? what kind of small amp, so on and so on...I figure at 55 I had better get started..Any input or sugestions greatly appreciated..Till then Fuzzy
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you should probably buy an acoustic first, it will build up your finger strength, strings on an acoustic are stronger/thicker, so when you switch to elecrtric you'll have an advantage
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this guitar should be good, and it's not too expensive

and one of these amps should be good, depending on how much you want to spend

EDIT: unless you want an acoustic... get this one, i have the slightly cheaper version (which they won't have in stock until September), and it's amazing (especially for the price)
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Thanks for the info...I think I wil give both a try
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Thanks for info.. Both are great looking guitars..Think I am going to orded a Les Pual and an amp... I am hopefull that I can pick this up and enjoy what I started to do 40 years ago
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