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My girlfriend asked me to write a song for her, and i want to make it the most beautiful song i could do, so what is the most beautiful chords progression of 3/4 chords for a bar? i was thinking of a capo on the second then play C/D/Em/Em, but what are your ideas?
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I like capoing on the 4th then starting in C and descending thru the C/B(or Em7) to Am with an F or Fmaj7 and G in there too. Or, using those same chords, but ascending up the neck picking a la "Blackbird", but using the chords in different positions. I love that stuff.
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minor chords make for a "beautiful" or slighltly sad progression, IMO.
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Try something like:


It sounds better with a capo around the third/fourth fret.
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Not sure what chords they are, but I play this alot. Slowly.
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Just play a song that she doesent know and pass it off as your own
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I'd keep progressions as simple as possible. A simple I-IV-V progression should do the trick.

But something that's relatively simple and always effective, is a descending line through the progression, especially when put against an ascending or steady vocal line. It's a cliché but it works every time, many of the world's greatest songs use this general principle.

For example: if you take a D A C G progression, you can get a descending line by playing the A as an A/C# inversion, and the G as a G/B inversion, because then the bass notes are D C# C B, a half step down each time:

0 (bass note, root)

4 (bass note, not the root but the third)

3 (bass note, root)

0 (root)
2 (bass note, not root but third)

Just an example, but you can apply that to pretty much any progression you like. Try to hear a melody in a progression, and see how you can accentuate that melody with tricks like inversions or playing an additional note (such as playing a Dsus4 instead of a D chord)
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nice and simple:

Am, C, G, Emin

or my personal favourite (sounds great when arpeggioed, i use it in one of my band's songs):

X02200, X32210, G, Emin
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I really like the chorus from 'while my guitar gently weeps' :


Just play about with those chords
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I think some of the most beautiful progressions are minor, but if you're writing this for your g/f then probably not a good idea.

Something like:
Dm Bb Gm A7 (i VI iv V7)
Or maybe some Dorian:
Dm G Em A7 (i IV ii V7)
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Anything with a perfect cadence at the end of it is a nice progression to play.
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In 3/4, I would try something similar to "Iris."

D, Em, G, G and then Bm, A, G, G,.
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arpegiate G9, to Em9, to Fsus4, to F7
The key change to the relative minor in the middle gives it a really distinctive edge.
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G, Em, C, D

That is the chord progression for "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam.
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Quote by Cyclotoolica


(Let's do the Timewarp Again!)

I love that song.

By the way, its F, C, G, D, A

One of my favourite chord progressions on any particular song is "See emily play" - Pink Floyd.

I think the progression is Caug4 (or somthing) Am, then G. Very eiriee sounding. On the parts where the song goes "Gazing through tree's in sorrow, hardley a sound until tommorow..."
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Under the Bridge, the opening riff.
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Do some arpeggios and tapping on your acoustic, then add a pinch harmonic or two, thats beauty....*ends sarcasm*


I quite like a basic chord progression, but using a capo, cos it sounds so much nicer.

e.g. capo anywhere...4th sounds nice though

X30003 , XX2003 , XX0023

something like that I guess
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Sweet, ok but try to get a different rythym going, and are there gonna be lyrics? If there are dotn make them cheesy maybe a bit funny.
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Am7, D9, Gmaj7, Cmaj7, F#mb5, I think its Bm7 then Em, It's the chords for Santana's Europa, i think....
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Simple. Find some chords and play some classical Arpeggios.
C, F, G.
Dm, Gm, C.
Repeat that. If that doesnt suit you, then just find some other chords and arpeggio it up.
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Quote by I-AM-NOT-GOD
My girlfriend asked me to write a song for her, and i want to make it the most beautiful song i could do, so what is the most beautiful chords progression of 3/4 chords for a bar? i was thinking of a capo on the second then play C/D/Em/Em, but what are your ideas?

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Am (1 count) F (1 count) Dm (1 count) Em7 (1/2 count) C#m7 (1/2 count)

It's one of those weird exotic sounding ones, trust me it's good.
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Try "My Time" by Pete Murray, tab somewhere on the net, some aussie tab archive (just google it!). Good song, plus your g/f wont have heard it........
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Try ii-V-vi-I, and add sevenths and ninths to each chord. Garanteed to sound awesome or you don't know shit about good music
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C#m - B - A - E
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9th chords sound amazing. Play Emajadd9 and the Amajadd9 and you've got her bagged.

Orrr you could do the age-old timeless D, D/F#, G, Asus4, A. Awesomeness on six strings.
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If you don't feel like being creative just do a rip off of "Don't Cry" by G'n'R. Its pretty simple just Am, Dm, G, C. Screw around with it and make it your own.
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D A Bm F#m G D G A

..... lol

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