My low E string is touching the 1st fret directly and thus creates a buzzing noise obviously.
1. What is 'action'? and how do I raise it (on a Fender Strat)? and is it bad if the bridge is too high?
2. If I turn the truss rod or whatever, what does the truss rod actually do? how does it change/effect my guitar?
3. Any other suggestions? thanks
1. Action is the height between the fretboard and the string(s).
2. Truss rod controls the ammount of strain on the neck, don't mess with it unless you know what you are doing. It could mess up your guitar I heard.
3. To raise the action on your guitar just take a flat screwdriver and loosen the screws that should be on your bridge. I raised my action about a week or two ago and it took about a minute then I had to retune all my strings cause it made the bridge higher/strings tighter.
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the bridge pieces on your strat should have little screws in them, one on either side of the string. it takes a little allen key to turn it. Tighten 'er up.
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Is the 1st fret raised, or coming out of the slot in the neck? Check that first off. Also check the depth of the nut slot for the low E string. If it's worn badly, the string will buzz. Stay away from the truss rod unless you have experience in adjusting them, cuz if you strip out the nut or the threads on the rod the guitar is screwed. You can try to adjust the saddle for the low E string on the bridge, but be warned, your trying to adjust up the part of the string that is the farthest away from the saddle, and it might not go high enough, or you'll raise the string so high that you'll lose sound from the pickups, kinda like muting the low E all the time. Did you recently change string gauges? Did it just start after changing strings? Stick with what works if you can answer yes to either question. Also, do you normally play an acoustic guitar and just started to play an electric? If so, lighten up on how hard your pressing down the strings while fretting, cuz electric strings are a lot lighter and easier to fret than acoustics are. good luck.
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thanks, to answer ur questions, i MIGHT have changed string gauges im not sure..crap i went from fender bullet strings (or whatever, the default that comes with em) to super slingky. and the E string touched the first fret after i cleaned my guitar and changed strings..my friend had realigned the bridge unscrewed/screwed etc
Don't mess with the truss rod as of now. It could mess your guitar up pretty badly.

You also shouldn't mess with your action unless if you know what you're doing. Have a tech look at it.
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oh also, after i had left my guitar unstringed for about a week and restringed, i noticed that the low E string wasnt STRAIGHT going down the fretboard..it kind of slants..is my neck 'warped' or whatever? maybe thats why?
epiki, not sure if the neck is warped, but you might have just told me what your problem is. take a close look again at the bridge saddle that the problem string is sitting on. matter of fact, take a close look at all the saddles. also look at how the bridge/tremelo is made. notice that each saddle needs to sit in it's own place on the bridge. if by chance that those were off a little, slanted, not straight, not lined up, when you restrung it, that could be your problem. I can't see a week without strings screwing up a neck. the neck will bow back without the string tension on it, but will come back to nearly flat once you string it up. that by the way is what the truss rod is for, and precisely why you should never, ever, try to adjust it yourself, unless of course your a trained luthier. luck to ya!
It's pretty much common for the first fret to buzz. Mine does it all the time and providing the sound doesn't leak into the amp, there is not a problem.

You usually get this when putting on a new string(s) and the simple remedy is to leave the guitar for a while and tune it periodically. You will probably find it is that the string is not stretched enough. Otherwise (fixed bridge) the saddles are too low in which case use an allen key and raise it slightly.

if ur bridge is otherwise level,
just get a tiny allen wrench and lower these two pegs. that will raise the string a little.

if that doesnt help then repost.

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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

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