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I'm looking for a small gig amp... at least good for rehearsal, doesn't have to be extremely powerful, just do the job while playing with drums, the drummer in my band isn't too hard on his drums anyway hehe..

are these amps any good for what i'm looking for?



what do you guys recommend?
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roland cube 15 x

its cheap 100 dollars 15 watts but its loud
u could go for a higher one like a 30 or something
they are very clear and they sound great playing low and high
a bunch of different distorted sounds.
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or u could ignore that if ur looking at bass amps.
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I'm not thinking any of those will be large enough. Think of your guitarist's amp, and the drums. You want to be at the -very- least twice the guitarist's amp size. Usually two or three times as many watts is good.
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I have the BT50, and with my schecter, it's pretty much the shit.
it's unbelievably loud, as in, when I jam with my guitarist and drummer, I only need to turn it up to like, 4 or 5.

the tone pwns too, 4 band eq, pretty versatile, distortion and octave, which is really cool.

only downside might be that it's kinda heavy (46lbs) but its worth it in my opinion. sounds great

POOPEDIT: I forgot, it's also got a really cool LED chromatic tuner on it, so you dont need to plug in your tuner, or unplug your bass to tune. I love it, really convenient
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i dont know about these specific models, but generally, peavey, make the best cheap solid state amps. have had bad luck with crate bass and guitar amps. the nemesis seems worth a try.
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Those are both good choices. I have played on both of those, or similar versions, at Guitar Center. The Crate is very easy to use, and the distortion sounds great on it. The tuner is also very useful, since unlike a stompbox tuner, it works with the sound still going. The Peavey small amps sound a lot better, I think, due to the sound shaping thing and the TransTube feature. Almost like having 2 different amps to pick from. The old Basic series is good as well, very smooth.

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or u could ignore that if ur looking at bass amps.

The Roland bass cubes are pretty good

Another brand to consider is Hartke, particularly the A series if you can find a 75 or 100 for the right price. (they might be a little much) I have a 25, and it sounds great and will even work for very small gigs, but the cool thing is that the A series was designed to also be used as monitors in larger shows. Awesome.
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Laney make very good smaller amps. I'm not a big fan of line 6 stuff unless it is one of the PODs being used for recording.
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I'm a bit of a fanboy, but Warwick do great stuff at really good prices. Suggest checking out their larger combos or even a half stack depending on your budget. Been using one of their combos for nearly a year now and not a single major fault with it. (only problem is I get a bit of buzzing on the 12th fret G string for some reason).
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Dude, you are playing with drums?

That guy will overpower EVERYONE! Tell your gutarist to get either MORE than one 10W amp or something a bit more powerfull, and get something a TAD bit mroe expensive! Atleast 100Ws!
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My Fender Rumble 60 Amp can play over my friend whose a drummer, a pretty loud drummer too...

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