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What brands of bass are best for metalcore, stuff like BFMV, Killswitch, Atreyu, and so on.
Also what kinds of amps are best to use for this type of music.
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Ibanez, BC Rich, ESP/Ltd and Schecter would be what i say for basses... amps, hmm, madison perhaps?
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if you really like Killswitch, you can atually buy the Signature bass that Ibanez makes as well
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well.... ibanez, bc rich, AXL, stuffs like those are pretty metal-ish soudning (and looking)

i wouldnt know about amps tho
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A lot of metal bands, as well as other genres, use Ampeg stuff as well as Mesa.
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I'd go an Ibanez SRX (thats what the Killswitch sig model is based off, only stripped down) or a Musicman Stingray, coz they just plain kick ass. Anything made out of a (largely) mahogany body would do the trick too. Don't bother with anything but a top of the line BC Rich, they're not worth the money otherwise. Another different one I saw at a gig the other day was the Epiphone Ltd shaped like a Les Paul, whatever its called. 2 of the 4 bands were running them and they sounded pretty awesome

PS, there's a thread almost identical to this kicking round somewhere, check it for more ideas.
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Id go with a Dean if you want a good metal bass, or jackson, but their necks are pretty thick. I also like washburn and Ibanez basses, their good for metal to.
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Do you want that deep DEEP DEEEP thick sound or something with a bit more Groul.

If you want thickness get 2 or 3 15" and turn the Bass ALL the way up!

If you want groul get something with a bridge pickup (like a Fender Jazz) and put some stainless steel strings on em!
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Pretty much anything with a good sound...all depends on what you like.

Generally, it's everything listed above plus Rick' and random things from Fender and Gibson

Amp wise, standard stuff...Marshall, Peavey, Crate, Ampeg, ect, ect...Tubes are good. They make you sound like you're going to explode. Always good for metal, Yesyes.
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ESP is good for a more low end sound, while Ibanez has a more traditional metal bass sound. I always push warwicks when people ask me about metal bass. They're excellent if you want to play more lead bass parts. Thats more for progressive or alternative styles of metal, though. For metalcore, go with Ibanez or ESP.

Ampeg's a great amp for a low end rumble, but it can sound a little jazzy at times. Peavey's not bad.
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My vote goes for a Warwick through an Ampeg. A lot of low-end but with definition and presence. Not my cup of tea... but if I played metal, that's what I would use.
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BC Rich, Ibanez, ESP is what I would choose but I play death/thrash metal not metalcore.
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It all depends on your price range. For lower end gear, go Ibanez and steer clear of ESP and BC Rich.
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