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Well, the title pretty much describes it... I'm building the body for a 7-string based on the Ibanez RG's, then I'm gonna buy the neck because a) I'm building it in woodshop, so there isn't enough time left in the semester to build the neck as well, and
b) I'd rather buy a neck than take a shot at building one in a short time with a lack of knowledge on how to do so.
The body's mahogany with a flame maple top, the neck will be maple with an ebony fretboard, and the pickups are probably going to be either a Seymour Duncan Custom or DiMarzio tone zone in the bridge, and DiMarzio Airnorton 7 in the neck. It's going to be a regular hardtail bridge, as I would barely use a trem.
Here's the pics so far:

templates for the body (there's a huge one because the printer at my dad's work screwed up and printed it huge):

and this is where I am so far, the maple has been glued together, and now it's being glued and clamped to the mahogany:

That's it so far, I'll update whenever I can (probably tomorrow)

edit: wow, bigger pics than I expected...
Do you have any pictures of the neck?
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Looking good.

I would definitly go the Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton combo.. those pickups were made for each other.
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cool, people are actually interested...
I couldn't get much done today 'cause there's LOTS of people in my shop class, plus grade nines are also in the shop to make CO2cars, and I had to plane off a crap load of wood, so here's where I am at the end of today, near the final thickness and shape is traced out:
lookin good
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good luck...i hope this goes well
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Your school looks like my school.

I'm also building a guitar in tech classes, but just a normal 6 string fender copy shit peice basically.

Hope it goes well!

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here's the update for today, I cut out the shape on the bandsaw, but the sandpaper on the belt sander is ripped, so I can't use that until Monday, so right now the edges are rough. I also left the spot for the neck pocket longer than I'm going to need it, incase you're wondering about that.
here's pics:

I'll update again on Monday if all goes well, and thanks for the nice comments, guys
thats looks beautiful...keep em coming
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I played a 7 string yesterday for the first time. It isn't really that different. It felt pretty good.
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yeah, I decided on the DiMarzios, and as far as finishing goes, I'm not quite sure yet.. I was thinking maybe a blue like this:

or maybe greyish/black like this.

although I'm leaning towards the blue. Anyone have any other suggestions or comments on colours?
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The trans black is simply the most beautiful finish ever. Go for it.

Blue? One thing that I don't understand is why people like to have weird colors on their guitars... Well, blue is alright, but if you'll post that you are contemplating pink or purple, I'm gonna find you and stab you in the face. This build is going in a too good direction to be ruined by a bad finish.
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don't worry, I wasn't planning on putting a pink or purple... then I'd have to find me and stab me in the face.
anyone know any good places in the Toronto area (or who can ship here for minimal cost) that sells finishing supplies?
got some updates for today. not much, but I started sanding the edges:
here's the roughly sanded edge with some sawdust in the background:

I haven't done much on the inside curve between the horns and neck, but here's what I've got so far:

I'm going to order the other parts sometime next week, and hopefully they get here pretty fast
duuuddeeee, that top looks great
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Transparent Gray/Black FTW!!! I've always coveted a friend's dad's Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul that looked like this:

Heck, if you did it in Transparent Red or Amber or Root Beer or Orange, it'll still look gorgeous. As far as finishing supplies, check StewMac or ReRanch.

How about a transparent black to trans dark blue burst?

They make CO2 cars in the 9th grade class here too... Except I think that drafting that makes them in the woodshop and not the wood class?
Quote by RPGoof
How about a transparent black to trans dark blue burst?

They make CO2 cars in the 9th grade class here too... Except I think that drafting that makes them in the woodshop and not the wood class?

That doesn't sound like a bad idea... I'll consider that as well

As for updates, today I couldn't do anything because my teacher was away and we aren't allowed to do anything besides watch woodworking movies and go on the computers to research wood. Hopfully he'll be back tomorrow so I can continue with this as soon as possible.
we did co2 cars in 8th
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I haven't updated this thread in the last week because I haven't been home at all. As for progress, I'm still working on smoothing out the edges. I'll post pics when can get home and upload them to my computer either today or tomorrow.
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I have to ask dude, what kind of bridge are you putting on this?

just one like this from warmoth:

I was going to go with a 7 string OFR, but I figured that since I would screw around with it for half an hour then never use the trembolo again, it would be a needless ~$220 to spend.
Sorry for not updating for a while, but I can't seem to find the USB cable to tranfer pictures off my phone.
Anyway, so far all the edges and back are sanded with 180 sandpaper, and yesterday I started drawing out ideas for how I'm going to have the knobs/switches configured, and traced out a rough idea of where I'm going to route for the back control cavity on the guitar.
I'm probably going to go with wiring similar to Jimmy Page's (neck volume push/pull pot (for neck pup coil split), bridge push/pull pot (for bridge pup coil split), neck tone push/pull pot (for putting bridge and neck pups in series/parallel), bridge push/pull pot (for putting bridge and neck pups in/out of phase w/ each other)), although I may replace the two tone push/pull pots with regular ones and just use switches for series/parallel and phase switching. I'll also have a 3-way selector switch, as well as a master volume push/pull pot for a killswitch. I'll put up pics up when I find the USB cord.
man, why dont u paint it like something between purple gray and black, like a really turned off purple, that would kick ass, and talking about bridges, i think you should pick a better choice, something prettier like a tune-o-matic and make a body thru holes for the strings , those are nice

btw: that's a good work!
go transparent black with gold hardware! like that Gibson, looks amazing!
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to Fd. : I'm not 100% sure what you mean by 'purple grey black', unless you mean like a burst with it fading from trans purple on the inside to black near the edges? I'm just going to stick with the bridge I chose earlier, and btw, it's actually a string-thru as well. The strings go the way they normally do onto the saddle, then down through holes on the bottom of the bridge, through the body, and out into the ferrules
and to gutarboyII, I think that'd look pretty good, but I'm not really a black and gold kind of guy...
I'd prefer something like the trans blue with black hardware.

as far as progress,I ordered all the hardware and stuff aside from the pickups and finishing supplies last night, but haven't been able to do a whole lot as the parts haven't come yet, because I don't want to start cutting/drilling/routing stuff without measuring the actual components first.

definitely following this thread. just don't drag it out like calum-barrow did, God bless his soul.
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I finnaly found my USB cord for my phone, so I can post more pics now.
inside of the lower horn sanded nice and smooth:

back sanded and control cavity traced out:

part of the edge cut off so when I start shaping the top there's less wood to take off:

and the top with a little bit of contour to it, and rounding the edges a bit

The pickups should be here by sometime next week, and the neck rest of the parts will hopefully be here shortly after.
(personal opinion) dude before you go and put that awful bridge on to that, I think you should go tune-o-matic, It would add a touch of class to it and not make it look like a cheap guitar, in my personal opinion I think that a gold or even a chrome tune-o-matic would make or break this guitar.
looks good so far, i dont particularly like the bridge.. but its your guitar
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just out of curiousity, how much is this going to cost overall? im really considering making a guitar over the summer, and was just wondering cost, and also if you encountered any problems or anything like that that maybe i should watch out for?