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i was wondering what is the best guitar for <300 dollars

King Nothin
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perhaps one of the YAMAHA PACIFICA range not too sure of the exchange rate but i recon they will be in there.

I started on a AXL les paul copy lol.................but it doesnt matter cause i play Bass and i got a MM STINGRAY 5
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Umm, under $250 I think you would have to take a look at the Epiphone G-310, and not just because I own it. It truly is an awesome guitar, suitable for almost every style of music, and especially suited for hard rock and metal. Above $250 I really can't tell ya though, sorry.
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any epiphone, really.

best value and playability hands down. don't even look anywhere else.
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They have guitars on there that people (even the reviews on here), say are as good, or better, than Gibsons. (especially the Les Paul Copies).
I'm about to buy one from there, check out the Agile models, from what I've heard the SX and Douglas arent quite as good as the Agile.
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Is Choppin' Broccoli
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Thanks i was lookin at the epiphone Sg i like em alot
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the one nobody looks at is the OLP MM-1

hand to god this plays as well as my Jackson Dinky.
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Yamaha Pacifica, definetley
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Check out the Squier '51 reviews at Only $99, still has some in stock.