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ive not posted a tab in ive been rather busy. this tab isnt much, its only 1 guitar and thats because i intend to play this song at an audition i have for a music course i applied for..i know jack shit about music theory so i thought id apply to this course and learn it, got an interview in 2 days time! they asked me to prepare 2 piece's of music for the me thinking i was to write my own music, tabbed this out..but apparently i can play any song i want..but meh, spent the time writing this so i may aswell knock em dead XD..i would love some feed back from you guys before-hand tho Crit 4 Crit obviously, just leave a link.

i aint sure what genre this falls under so i aint gunna bother with that, i think this would work well as an entire song, like with rhythm, bass, drums etc if you guys would like to hear a full version then let me know n i'll get straight on it
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The riffs were very good, and the first piece good also, but gets repetitive.
The tapping thing was a little bit boring, maybe do it faster and with more variation (if you can) or add another track (at least in the GP version).
The ending was very nice, repetitive at times, but good indeed.

7/10 Nice song

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It's ok, but it's nothing without bass and drums. A keyboard backing would sound good too, i think.
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