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Hey, this is my newest song. It's not finished yet, it feels way too short, but for now I just gave it a temporary ending. Tell me what you think!
Put RSE on if you have gp5, it actually sounds decent!

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Whoa, not what i was expecting lol.

this is great, really eerie, yet soothing at the same time. Bars 26 and 27 sounded off, but 28 was a good finish

Nice ending, i think you should keep it that way, and maybe extend the body of the piece.

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That was really nice... a little unorthodox, but quite nice.

I loved it, the strange ambiance...

It's great!

Good job!
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beautiful, amazing!

I love experimental pieces and that was just excellent 20/10

nothing wrong with it...a bit short but still breath-taking

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