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Alright so this is a song written by me and a friend. I just thought i'd post it here so I can get some crit and try and make it a bit better so im happy to crit back on anyone. Im only new at this so can you just let me know what bits need work?

Slave To Encryption.zip
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I really want to like it... but all the open chord sections killed the song for me... not the chugging stuff at the end... the open chords at the begining... they just killed the songs drive... it was like the song choked on something and couldn't keap going. It didn't flow from riff to riff and I thought it was far too hectic a son because of that.

The riffs, on their own, were all decent... but really weren't connected properly...

I'd re-write this reconsidering every single bridge between riffs... and don't forget that your drummer MUST be your best friend... you can play the same riff for an hour at a time on the guitar/bass... if your drummer knows what he's doing you'll sound like you never repeated yourself at all.