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Hi everyone.

I just finalized this song titled Gates of Elysium. I really like it, and I hope you do too. Crit for crit, as regular. All comments and criticisms are welcome. If any serious issues are pointed out, I will correct them and update the file later in the thread.

Thank you.

Also, bass will be added later.
Gates of Elysium.zip
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The intro riff sounds odd with those time signature changes....
The harmonizing was good.
I liked the riff at bar 23 very much, and the one at 35 too.
I liked how you used the drums.
The solo was well done, congrats ....
I liked the outro, sounds like middle eastern or indian or something, maybe phrygian?
It was good, but sounded repetitive, adding the bass would improve it a lot...


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Thanks for the crit on mine man

I liked the intro, but it sounded a little too long even after the drums came in. So you might want to shorten it. The riffs themselves sound good, but just drag on a little too long in my opinion. The riff at bar 35 was nice, it had a dark death metal vibe to it. The solo was good, it fit the mood of the song with the diminished arpeggios. the only thing I would say to change is the end of the solo. You should end w/ a high bent note. Bars 39-46 sounded a little too boring to me. You should do something different instead of power chords, or maybe use those bars for some drum fills. The outro was good, I liked it man. Overall it's got potential, but just needs more work. 7/10