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Ok, ive been working for a while and come up with part of a song-i'm just wondering if the people of UG could give me some advice, after listening to what i have now do you reckon its worth continuing with or should i scrap it and start over? Any comments and advice is welcome
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From what I heard, this is awesome! I hope you will eventually continue it.

I think though, that asking people "should I continue the song I'm working on", is not really necessary. Do what you feel, sounds good to you? Continue! Sounds not so great, try to fix it. At the end, post it and then, eventually, people will say "wow really nice, loved that + that oh and that too.." or "Not so bad, although you could fix this and that..." and then you fix it. If people just don't like it, try to rearrange it...

Anyways, great job! Hope to hear more from you soon
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It's a bit repetitive, but has alot of energy to it... I like it.

Perhaps you should add a clear lead to the song durring the verses (or, contrarily, the choruses), just so that they are more clearly distinguishable. I'd also like to hear some more intensive use of your strings/synths... I, personally, love that stuff.

But then... this is still a tender suckling of a song, do tend to it, man.