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hi this is my newest song, its kind of a moder rock song with a cool catchy solo in it , at the beginning it may get repetitive but its because of the intro being the same riff as the verses. hope you like it!

ill do crit4crit.
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Pues coño !

let me listen to it.
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The intro is very cool, and although it has some variations, it sounds repetitive, maybe add some vocal harmonies to it (unless its a real song played by you that has vocals, then you should record it...). It is a 8/10 for the intro
The solo (both of them) was, in three words,....AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, Sounded like something that could be put in the radio and enjoyed by everyone, or something a big band could do and still be cool, and I would gladly listen to it, I would give that solo a 13/10.

Lets sum:8/10+13/10=21/20=10.5/10,.......yeah, thats right, a 10.5/10!!!!!!!
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That was really good. Very catchy progression, and your leads were very good. Also, the solo was very good. It was just an overall good peice.

Well done. 8.5/10.

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lol the intro reminds me of journey - dont stop believing

i enjoyed the solo
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twas a tad repetitve, but otherwise it was pretty good, the leads were pretty good also.

id say about 7/10
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i actually enjoyed that immensely

so much in fact, im going to learn it. Just because i liked it so much

Top effort!!

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****ing awesome -- solo was good - didnt think it was too repetitive. some of the rhythms and the solo remind me of thin lizzy an awful lot. rock on!
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I loved it. Nice and catchy and well the solo suited the song so well. seemed to really flow. 9/10 (y), you get 10 from me if you do it in guitar pro with drums haha. Nice work, keep it up!

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I loved this song, a great intro - singing would go great with it. Perhaps when the distortion guitar initially kicks in you could keep the clean one playing quietly? It would really fill up that section. The progression is great, if a tad repetitive sometimes. Nice leadwork, really epic sounding stuff. Would love to hear the song with some drums too (can powertab do drums?) Nice gentle outro, really suits the vibe of the song.

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that was awesome man, just the kind of song that gets radio play everyday, in a good way, gread leadwork kept me interested the whole way through cant really fault it, the intro riff was great and the chorus riff was really catchy and uplifting, perfect song, make sure if your making vocals you take time as it needs good vocals to compliment it

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I like it, man. Pretty cool and catchy, the kind of song you listen and actually pay attention to, at least in my case.
Rock on.
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amazing work man everything fit so perfectly. can tell you really put your heart into it and felt it.
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Quote by cham
lol the intro reminds me of journey - dont stop believing

i enjoyed the solo

Really? i was thinking more of Tuesdays Gone - Lynard Skynard. Great job btw 9.5/10
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Quote by ubernooblet06
can tell you really put your heart into it and felt it.

well i really got inspired for this one lol.

thanks for all your crits!
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I've noticed a good number of comments from people seeing elements from these timeless songs, and ..I've got my own opinions on that; but in the end that's what this song has the potential to be: one of the great songs we can all remember and love, looking back to our youth with a theme such as this in our hearts and a smile on our faces.

Parts are somewhat repetitive, yes; but so are many songs we listen to on the radio, and surely with lyrics overtop, it would be silly not to have repetition. In any case, I really love this song. Kudos
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Sounds pretty nice, I have to say. It's definitely got flow. It has lots of emotion to it. Like a sort of 'everything is perfect' mood. I don't think it would be very good with vocals. Maybe I'm just not hearing it. Anyway, nice job, man.
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It sounded like you were trying to do too much in some measures. There were a few parts where I was just confused because there was a beat missing. Specifically, measure... 24. It's kind of hard to look at because there are a few places where there are bars, and it seems like a lot of the measures don't have bars, which makes it hard to read.
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