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hey man.

awesome build. very tidy. very shiny. i like it... all those fx too... lovely.

keep up the good work.
Thank you please.
How much would that guitar cost, I know it's kinda hard to break it down, I have the GR-55 and need that guitar, I currently have the"Godin, FREEWAY 'S.A.'it's got the "ghost system" Roland seems to have cut out a lot of options for the "Godin, FREEWAY 'S.A.' mix",if I try to use the dedicated "just guitar" switch, it does not work with the Freeway; I need Normal clean/dirty dirty & the Synth Access! This guitar seems to do both and some!!! So, is that guitar something I could buy<--- I am very serious $$$ I need this set up for tour, recording!
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im guessing you had to build a custom case for that aswell
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