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Both are clearly unfinished and are only starting points for songs but im posting them to see if theyre worth carrying on, both are just 2 guitar parts and some synth, no drums or bass.

The first one sounds too happy to me so if anyone can help me find a way to make it more dark it would be great, the other one i only started today ignore the riff at the end i just kinda though of it that second and got it down so id remember it.

crit each seperately if you could

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the first one, the lead alone sounds medieval, but all together sounds ok, but what you have its to short to critizice. i dont think it sounds happy , just the synth alone sounds happy so maybe change the synth if you want it to sound darker. the second one i really didn't like it until the last bars(19), its kind of boring at the beginning, but maybe with vocals it could sound good. If i where you i would start the song at bar 19.

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any more takers i know its not much but i dont want to flog a dead horse
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I really like the synth in the beggining of the first one....the guitar seems kind of boring at first, and then the lead sounds good too. After that, the guitars again seem boring, but I really like the synth. They don't make such a wonderful song by now, but if they are only riffs, then I would say keep the begginning, the lead, and the end, and work on everything else in the middle, maybe add more variation (of course, you should add the bass, etc, but maybe add some more interesting harmonizing?).
The second one...the begginning didn't sound quite well for me, maybe need to work on the melody and timing...the part at bar 23 sounds very good btw.
Anyway, you should make something with these as some parts are very good, but work on them a little more and add something more to them, I don't know....
Btw, some riffs from both songs sounds alike...

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