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Helloooo again....
Well, nothing else to be said, I made this the other day and finished it today.
It is pretty funky for me, but the chorus and verses have a phsicodelic feel to them (probably the bass), or so I think....
Maybe someone could point me how to make a better transtition from the verse and solo.....
Also,.....the solo may seem a little wacko, but I think it should fit in well (as the song is kind of wacko by itself ....or so I think, ......again).
Maybe some chords are off key or some mistakes like that, so I would be glad if someone could point them out.
Constructive criticism pleasee.....(if you want you can also say how this song rocks )
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Work on making it...on key I guess would be the word. I gotta ask, can you play any instruments?
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Quote by gonzaw
^Well....I started playing guitar (acoustic) 3 months ago,......If thats any help.

BTw, I noticed you changed your user title.....Did you stop hating FFXII?

No, I was just getting alot of "WTF?!" PMs
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If you've been playing the guitar for 3 months you have to know how to make the song sound like it's in a certain key. On this particular song the bass was doing some random chromatic slapping while the guitar was playing completely random distorted chords. It just doesn't make any sense. It's like the guitar and bass were playing a different song. I'm sorry, but this was horrible.