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Hi again....
I made this 2 riffs in 10 minutes and are some things that I was trying out....
The second riff might sound odd with the bass, so maybe you should just take that one out, as I can't figure out something better......also, in the 2d riff, I couldn't manage to put drums yet, maybe in the future.
These are quite experimental (I never tried this kind of bluesy thing in my life...) and, well......I don't know....you tell me
(maybe they suck, I'm not good at blues, if thats what this is...although I really like them)
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do you even play guitar??
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I think you should stop making a bunch of little things and actually focus on writing a real song
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U use semi tones a bit much for blues playing. ..also, it sounds nothing like blues

More like the riff that Vincent745 guy did on Youtube...Ill try and find a link