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Here we go. Excuse the repetivitive/crappy drums. Obviously, it's not done yet. So, without further ado, here it is. Also, the midi sounds extremely different in some places.

EDIT: Ok, at this point it's pretty much done.
Death Metal
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Its not the best of your works, because it sounds like the same two chords being played differently, but it is still easy on the ears. Nice job!
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Yeah, from bar 32 on that's kind of what it is. Still trying to think of what I'm going to do with this.

But thanks. I'll crit yours, Jimmy.
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Well thanks for the crit on mine, and I'm sorry I took so long man, but heres my crit:

I don't really like death metal, but I've got to say, this sounds pretty cool. The intro is a little too chaotic for my liking, but the arpeggio reminded me of Necrophagist, which is a good thing. I like the harmonizing in bars 25-28. Bars 29 and 30 sounded very chaotic and it had a good effect for the feel of the song. the interlude kind of thing starting at bar 42 sounded cool, Maybe try to incorporate a more dominant lead melody in there though, because you don't want to have it so it sounds like it drags on.

The solo sounds good, but try to accentuate different notes other than the high notes on the E string. The arpeggios were good and so was the rest of the solo.

I didn't like bar 105/106. It was just noise to me. The rest of the song is good though. The main problem was just that it got repetitive w/out different chord progressions. 7.5/10
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I really, really liked that! 10/10 I loved the whole beat too it.
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that was sweet that main riff was class, but god help the drummer on the intro lol,

but the main intro riff was killer the leads were dark and mysterious and had a great melodie with some nice sweeps. cant fault it so far man top quality

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