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Hey heres a song I've been working on for a while now, its unfinished but should be completed soon. I need some constructive critism and would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks, Jono
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well its the same riff all over the song, even the distorted chords at the end have the same progression, only the leads change;so mess around with your progression to find some variations for chorus, bridge, solo etc. i really liked the main riff but I started to loose interest after hearing it for the 8th time.

work on a chorus, a solo and maybe add a bass line. I'm looking forward to hear the final work.

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I liked the solo a lot, it sounds very good, although it is a slow one, good job.....altough it gets repetitive at times.
The last riff sounded kind of boring, maybe you should increase the tempo, or add some more variation...
Also, maybe you could change the bassline, I don't know, it doesn't sound too.......eh.......interesting is the word.
The intro sounded nice too.

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Thanks alot, guys, That's what I'm working on straight away when I get the time, some riff variation (y), and I also have a second solo written u. I'll hit you with the update soon. Critting songs now