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Hey everyone, heres a song ive been working on for a while, its a melodeath piece in the vein of dark tranquillity/insomnium etc. any comments and crits welcome, i'll get back to you asap
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Sounds really good. The acoustic intro has sounds really good and the harmony used throughout the song works very well. I really like how the song has so much feeling put into it. All the parts of the song fit togther very well. Bar 109-118 I don't really like that much, and that big gap after that makes no sense. But other than that, yeah the song is really good. I doubt you wanna crit my song since it jazz and you wrote a melodeath peice but if you'd like, go ahead.
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I really enjoyed the harmonized acoustic sections, and thought the song had a very proggresive feel to it. I was really disapointed to find the solo is missing, though, and was also let down by the pre-solo, which really sucks you out of the moving stream of music from the other riffs to a near stop... it's good to be dynamic... but not to be, for lack of a better term off the top of my head, a tease. Get that section to have the same feel as the rest of the song, but have it vary enough to not get mashed in with the other riffs.

Best of luck, I'll look forward to seeing it all done and with a solo.

P.S. Good drum work!