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I posted this in the favourite basslines thread in the bass forum and a few people liked it, so I thought I'd post it here. It's not amazingly new, but I'm putting together songs for a solo bass album, and need some feedback on what should go on it. So here's the first track to be torn apart by you lot

C4C, btw
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As I said before in the Bass Forum, I can't really say much except this is absolutely incredible. Congratulations for writing this, well done.
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Awsome work, I loved the ambiace you carried through the entire song, as well as the fact that it isn't overly tecnical, but still carries it's head up high through the use of harmonics near the end.

Great song, man.
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Amazing, i gotta say.

The melodies were great throughout, i especially liked the one at 19-24.
I thought the transition to the next melody (starting on bar 26) could be better, but that can easily be fixed by inserting a bar beforehand and sustaining that harmonic bass chord thing you have (don't know what to call it )

But it was exellent thoughout, kept me listening and i didn't skip any parts (like i normally do) even with just one instrument.
The only thing i'd suggest is maybe add a keyboard or acoustic guitar in just playing chords in the background to fill in the sound?

But great song can you actually play that? it seems pretty hard, but then again i don't play bass so...

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^yeah, I spent a lot of time learning how to do double handed tapping. It's a challenge to play every time, but that's why I enjoy it. As soon as you got the repetition with the fretting hand, though, it becomes easier.