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this is a little instrumental i made which has two groups of instruments
one group is just two guitars
and the other is a keyboard and a piano
i just whipped this together so it probably has a lot of flaws but
im happy with what is it now

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I didn't really think that should be an instrumental... a vocal melody would fit it quite nicely, specially since many of the riffs actually repeat in sequencial order. Don't confuse "same riff" with the "motiff" of any given song. Yours just seems to repeat more than hold the motiff... IMO. Anyway, I though the actual sections where quite effective, if simple, both for the guitars as well as the keyboards. You should revise the keyboards actual playing, some of those would be quite hard to play on an actual piano... remember, 2 hands, 5 fingers each.

Check out some tabbed out keyboard stuff to see what I mean... it's not as neat, but it is much better sounding too.

Best of luck.
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Good stuff man.
Kinda sounded like somethin you would dance along to while playing DDR.........haha hopefully you dont take that as a bad thing.
I deff. liked it, the synth basss toooo.
But I agree with the comment above mine, you can deff. turn this into an actual song, not just an instrumental, I'm pretty sure you can add some vocals in.
Either way it'd make for a pretty good song.