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I usually don't write these punkish type songs, I'm more into writing metal, but they're some of the only completed ones I have with drums and everything. Also, how do I change the signature to have all my previously written songs?
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ok, help first, then crit.
where it says "private messages" click, on the side it should say "change signature".
you need one of your threads up, copy the address.
on the change signature, there should be a button which, when you run your mouse over it, say insert hyperlink.
in the first box, type in what you want to type in "name of song" for example, and click ok. The next box comes up and then you paste the address you copied earlier. (make sure theres only one http:// at the front) then ok, then save changes.

Anyway the song, its good, it is punky and i'm not a fan of punk, the chorus wasn't that great, but the rest wasn't too bad. Needs work but good effort,


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Reminds me alot of Sum 41. lol. Although they're are rather catchy and are quite popular.. guitar-wise the song is very basic. Your song is very similar. I enjoyed the clean parts of the song and thought it was going to be alright but as soon as the distortion chords came up i wanted to hit myself for watching something as basic as that.
Im jsut about to check out your other songs.

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i would put a lead over the chorus, but thats the only thing i can think of to make this song any better, i liked it a lot. nice job on the solo, i liked it a lot.
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verse riff is great especially when you get the pms under it. the prechorus and verse just ruins it. theyre so uninventive and boring. either rewrite them or put some nice leads over the top because as it stands they bring the rest of the song down badly. the solo was really nice. i enjoyed it for sure. and the outro was cool too.

just get the prechorus and chorus sorted and your all set man

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