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Here is a 6 to 9 minute song that I wrote a long time ago. I tabbed out the first two solos in the lead guitar, and then realized I can't actually play them in real life, and then I made the other solos in the solo guitar, so just unmute to lead if u want to hear that one.
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there is a file in the folder when i open it
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I liked it, it was a good solid song, with interesting riffs. Bass and rhythm were frequently fairly dull, I felt the song was held back by a generally blocky rhythm. Same goes for the solos, interesting, but there was little variation in it.
What happened to the drums after the first chorus?

Crit mine?
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The solo was good, it was a slow solo but you fit it in there nicely 4/5 (would have given you 5/5 if you finished the drums)