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Hey, here's a little bluesrock song I've been working on for a while, give and a listen and tell me what you think. I'm planning on adding a vocal line for a lot of the song, which would fill up the verses a bit more, and also planning on changing that woeful outro solo.
I'm a bit concerned that I've accidentally stolen the main riff, cause it sounds so familiar to me. Hopefully this is just my imagination.
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I liked the intro riff very much, and I don't know if its a rip off or not, as I don't recall any song similar to this one. I loved the harmony, and very good work with the bass (specially in the Interlude and verses)
The drums were great also, and the bridge sounded cool too. The solo 1 and 2 were f***ingly awesome.
I don't have any complaints...every part was perfect, and the outro solo is not as crap as you think it is, I quite like it.
If you did this by yourself, then you are (or should be) a professional composer........10/10

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wow, i loved it, really happy n catchy song, i liked the solos too, the main riff is awesome but gets kind of repetitive, by the end, cause its a pretty long song.i would really like to hear this with vocals, ill give you a 9 /10. excellent job.

mind critting my new song? its on my sig thanks.
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Hey thanks for the crit on mine before we start.

This isn't really my type of music, but it's pretty good. The intro riff gets a little tired, but that's just me. Also, The verse is pretty generic, but it's got some sweet fills, so I dunno if you should change it or not. All the solos were sweet. They blended very nicely with the overall tone of the rest of the song.

Pretty good all in all though. 9.5/10
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Some nice riffs in there. Not really my style of music but I still enjoyed it. Seemed very happy and up beat. Good job. I also liked the bass alot.
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That was quite excellent

reminded me of Better by Screaming Jets...pretty awesome stuff.

The main riff got a tad repetative...but still great non-the-less

The only fault was probably....well I can't think of any other than the repetative riff


great work

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Great song! Really catchy! The only flaw is the repetative riff... ;D


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good song but it reminds me alot of i feel fine by the beatles