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Hey, I wrote this today while I was meant to be studying for exams (guess I'll drop out soon ) It gets a bit repetitive after a while, I think, but I rather like the song as a whole. I'm thinking of adding another guitar solo over Verse 3, just to liven it up there. Hope you like it! Plenty of crits please, and I'll crit yours!
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that was pretty sweet man only thing ill say is the solos get lost a bit in the lead for the verses and choruses when its being played overt the top of them, maybe just have chords behind the solos instead of the melodies? will make the solo more prominent then? just an option
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yeah, i agree. the solos dont stand out much. i'd like to keep those melodies in though, but being played by a synth while the guitar plays chords. harmonies would fit in well, and i felt you could have better note choice in the solos. Other than that, pretty much top dog 9/10. i dont give them out often crit mine? in the sig
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Cheers, for the crits lads, most welcome!
I think some volume alterations could emphasise the solos? Heightening the solo and lowering the melody a tad? Also beckeyhead jr, when you say having better note choice, do you mean the occassional bum note, or rewriting the solos entirely from scratch?
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Thanks for the crit on mine man
As for your song, it was pretty good. Like you said, just work on the solos. The drums could also use some improvement. In a few places they felt like they were building up and didn't go anywhere. The melodies are good, and so is the first solo. The other solos sounded pretty similar, and they didn't really stand out. Just work on what Buckethead Jr. said about it.
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solos were not awsome and i would re write them from scratch, but the rest, id give it a 7.5/10 the interval was awsome

(i think that the remaining 2.5 needs to be worked as drums and some structure)