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Hello again This time, it's a song that I actually played before tabbing it, the real version can be found here: www.myspace.com/geschmackvollefruchte Fire The Innocents...

I decided to tab it with PTB, and this is what I got... Hope you enjoy!

C4C as always my friends!
Fire the Innocents.zip
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The intro riff was great, and I loved the harmony; and the next one sounded like Paranoid or something,.....it was great, really catchy,although I hope it has vocals cause you know about these type of songs, they get repetitive while you listen to them...
THe next part (the solo) had some off-key notes there if I'm not wrong, and was pretty nice and all that....
You should watch for repetitiveness, and more variation of the riffs, and maybe make that outro a little bit longer, maybe you could add another solo in there.
I liked it 7.5/10

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It was alright in the beginning. The intro was pretty good, and I enjoyed the main riff the first 2 or 3 times I heard it, then I just got sick of it. The solo was alright, but like gonzaw said, it seems to have alot of off-notes. Overall, it was a good effort, but you need to add some variations to riffs. 6/10

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