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I'm sorry I can't stop finishing all my punk songs. I seem to finish them like the same day I write them while my metal songs take forever to finish. I'll try to finish one of my metal songs and get it posted on here soon.

I'm really not good at solos, I don't really do it much as a guitarist, so, as you know if you've listened to any of my other songs, the solos aren't the greatest, but I'im trying. I'm also not sure about some of the bass. Can someone please let me know if the bass is alright ot if I need to make any changes, along with the rest of the song, of course.
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That was pretty good. I liked it, especially the chorus, very catchy. Only thing is I really wouldn't consider it Punk, but that's only a little thing. The bass at some parts didn't seem like it fit in that well. Overall, I liked. Nice and simple. You should check out some of my stuff, you might like them.

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i liked it, the intro is really nice, and i liked the drums and the chorus too, what i didn't liked was the transition between verse and chorus, and you could improve the lead work too. I think the song doesn't sound too punkish but its written like if it was meant to be punk song, keeping everything simple and really catchy. good job

mind critting my newest song? its on my sig. thanks.
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I really like the acoustic intro...and also how the drums come afterwards....
It was great...maybe except for the bassline....which was kind of simple....
I liked the chorus too......nice chord progression.....and the disto guitar sounded very good.....I liked it....
The lead guitar in the verse was great too.....
At first the solo didn't stand out too much...but it was great after 85.
I quite like the transtition from verse to chorus...what I don't like that much is the transition from the acoustic riff to those three chords 2 bars before the chorus...
8/10 Great song
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I wouldnt call it punk, but I liked it. Acoustic Intro worked well. 3 Notes into the corus was good, but could be better but the chorus chord progression was sooooooo good. Solo was very well done.