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I've just come up with an beginning to a song, but I need to know what you guys think. If i shall continue working on it, or just dump it

If you crit it, Ill crit your songs back ofc...

EDIT: Updated version with GP4 is lower down the thread...
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Can you export to GP4 and repost? I don't have GP5.1 or whatever the new one is and can't open it,
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Pretty good! not much to say besides to tell you to go out and record yourself playin it for realzies.

Thanks for the crit!!
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ok, you got a nice start here, the acoustic riff is really interesting!
but i think it's still in its infancy, you definately can make much more out of it!
the drums seemed pretty standard (and not that fitting) and the bass could do much more than just the root, too. the strings would be better if you'd put them in much later, at the beginning it's a little bit too much...

overall: keep on writing new parts and elaborating the parts you already have! but you do have a good start!

if you want to crit one of my songs: 'Vacante' would be nice!