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Here's a little instrumental I thought up just jamming away with an acoustic guitar on my porch last week. It's not some epic metal song like most of the tabs submitted here, but I like it. Let me know what you think.
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i thought it sounded really good. very melodic, something you might hear like in a movie sound track lol
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It was very good. And I liked the harmonizing,......anyway, make it longer
Btw, which guitar were you jamming with? the first one or the second one? cause I think its a little difficult to jam with 2 guitars at once at the porch
Lesh Is More
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I played the steel guitar's part first, haha. I added the nylon guitar in after I put the steel in because I thought it needed more. Thanks a lot guys!
Hey, I'm Mike.
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very nice, very happy sounding, it was cool the way the 2 guitars played off of each other great song