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I just finished writing this, it's my first song so go easy!!!
I was really scared to post this cause all the stuff here is so amazing, but yeah.
cool riff
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you need to harmonize those notes playing that main thing better, the way u have them sounds to wierd. but keep working at it.!
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not my style, but i think is well written, i didnt like the intro, but the riff after bar 20 its cool, the solo IMO doesn't really stands out, i was writting this while listening to it and didn't catched the solo. anyway its good stuff, you shouldn't be scared of posting your work, thats what the forum is for!! cheers

mind critting one of mines? they're on my sig. thanks.
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I really liked that.

Love the harmonised part at the start, it's kind of like a rawk version of Vivaldi's Summer theme.
The part after that and the riff were, meh. But i loved how you eased into that melody that the synth plays over the riff that was great.
The solo didn't stand out much like rodrigomierh said, but the rest was great.

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