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Hello ppl. Today I made up this song, I think it's kinda eerie at start but it changes completely at half.
Give it a listen and crit.
Ofc I will crit yours too
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very nice, the riff at the start is great although for some reason th eguitar tone in GP really hurt my ears on it but on a real guitar it prob sounds awesome i love the chunky main riffs tho \m/

the riff at the start of the intrumental part had an odd rhythm to it which was kinda confusing on first listen but its fine the keys are perfect

the solos good nice and interesting and the key solos real good but after it i would maybe repeat the main riffs again then end or come up with an outro so it doesnt end so suddenly on teh key solo or maybe have an outro guitar solo

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Thanks for the crit, I critted yours too.
Anybody else?
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I liked the first riff, and the timpani sounded great too.
The harp added a nice touch to it, anyway, the intro was great....
The next riff sounded odd at first, but then it sounded good.
I personally liked the chorus riff better than the verse one.
The first riff of the instrumental was good, but the drums sounded kind of weird.
An when the harp comes in, soundes even more weird , specially when the little harp solo comes in, but one gets used to it fast
The solo was good (specially the firstss bars), but had too much nonsense shredding afterwards (and the keyboard solo too), maybe you could make it have more fluidity or something?, cause at times one gets lost within it.
Anyway, the instrumental parts were great, that keyboard was great too

Canya crit mine ?
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