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Its untitled at the minute because theres no lyrics yet, so I havent really got anything to name it after. There will eventually be lyrics in the verse and chorus sections, and possibly the Harmony section. I may get drums in, but I cant really tab drums, so its unlikely. I'd most like to know how well the various sections link together, as theres quite a few places where I feel its a bit sudden. The GP4 version sucks a bit, so if you have it make sure you use the GP5 version. Crit for crit if you leave a link or something in your post. Thanks.

Edit: Not too happy about the quality of the MIDI, but its here if anyone wants it. I'll get round to critting other peoples songs now.
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Possibly a midi for those without GP?
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I loved the intro, it deff gets your attention. The chorus, idk, didnt do much for me, but thats because there will be lyrics on top of it, so make sure they are good.
The acoustic breakdown was excellent, deff. the best part of the song.

The bass solo deff. surprised me. Dont hear those too often. Great stuff on every instrument.
Deff. a beautiful song.
Great job!
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I liked the bass solo especially. it was simple yet effective and the acoustic break down. The melodies were pretty neat. and harmony was decent but yea chorus i have the same reason as lonejedio.
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I dont know if i was really "feelin" the intro.

The main riff is amazing i love the harmonizing.

After that the verse and chorus are alright, no complaints really. They should be much better with vocals and stuff though.

I cant really say anything about the breakdown to the bass solos those were superb, very well done. i especially like the bass solo.

the 2nd solo was sweet too.

overall good song, not much to say. the verses and choruses are a tad bit boring without vocals, thats all i can really say. good job !
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Thanks for the crit on my thread.

I'm not really a fan of this genre, so you may want to ignore this, but I thought it was boring. The verse was very similar to the chorus, and didn't hold my attention. Also, change the rhythm up, the duh duhduh duh duhduh...... etc gets boring. Something other than powerchords would be appreciated. The solos were ok, but a lot of the parts seemed disconnected, like when you randomly through tapping in.
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I thought it was really good!

- Awesome bridge / Midsection. The solos were fitting as were the melodies and it all gelled well giving off a very NWOBHM feel.
-Melodies throughout the whole song were really good

-Intro sounded odd at the start but seemed to fit well at the end? perhaps at the beginning of the song you could integrate it more. Meaning that perhaps you could slowly build up to the first electric riff. Maybe add a small tasteful solo? I don't know if that helps.
- Verse / Chorus was a little boring but i imagine with some good lyrics and a powerful voice that would soon be forgotten.

Overall it was really good and basically a singer and some lyrics could make it awesome.
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sorry i took too long its all good especially melody 2 the solo was perfect and fitted in nicely i didint like the slides over the first acoustic bit but w/e, great song and a nice outro