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hey guys im trying to start band this summer cause im moving to memphis and ive been wanting to start one real bad lately but i have no friggin idea how to get band members should i go aroung my neighborhood and downtown and just slap wanted musician posters around? see i have no idea of wat to do please give me some suggestion also how big is the metal core scence down their will i have a hard time finding people who play my kind of music?
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do the poster idea and look on myspace. also check out music shops
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Find people at your school who play instruments. Thats what I did.
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the poster idea is good and should be done, but i've found that myspace was a little bit more effective. Also looking at the local gigging scene makes it possible to find people who either have been in bands and want another one, or have been in the same situation as you are now.

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post musician ads in all the musician/wanted/available forums/websites you can...
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<_< >_> i live in memphis. but not interested in metalcore. it really doesn't have that big of a metalcore scene, at least from where im standing. its not completely non-existant though. the skatepark usually has alot of hardcore punk or punk/pop with the occasional ska. i notice alot of emo-ish bands playing at the New Daisy. of course around town you will see more blues/classic rock/ and even funk bands than anything else,considering it is memphis.
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Its really hard to do actually. Thats why I cant start a heavier band, I know some guitarists and that but I dont know any bassists or singers.
To be honest, none of them methods really work well and if they do youll be hard pushed to find every member you want.

I suggest looking around for bands who are looking for a new member and go and audition or whatever.

Good luck, anyway.
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ok whoever said that memphis doesn't have a big metalcore/Metal/Hardcore scene does NOT know what they are talking about. Memphis has a great scene but also a tough scene to get into. According to a recent article by a underground metal mag (can't remember the name of it, sorry) Memphis has the 4th largest metal/hardcore scene in the U.S. i think it was 1. New York 2.Cali 3. Jacksonville FL, 4. Memphis TN 5. don't remember. Anyways, i live in memphis and go to shows all the time that are metal. here's what you do.......GO TO SHOWS! go to shows and make friends. try myspace too, that's how i got my first band started. You better be good if you want to start up a band though, cause you will get made fun of if you get up on stage and don't have your stuff together man. like i said, memphis is a tough scene to be a part of and get into but it's worth it. here is some good stuff that might help you
Booking Companies:
Back on the Map Booking
Won't look Back booking
M&M booking (haven't seen anything from them in awhile)
Dippy Promotions
True Crime Booking(new but good)

Rally Point(most local shows are played here)
Skate Park of Memphis(SPOM)
the Complex(My personal favorite
New Daisy(usually only the really big shows)
the Hightone (usually not used for metal but once in a blue moon)

Good Local Bands:
Nights like these(not local anymore but still from memphis)
Burial Within
Jonah the Furious
A Study in Scarlet(comeback show soon)
Dead City
Choices Made(tupelo Hardcore)

That's just a few bands to get you started. I don't know when you are gonna be in memphis but you should come to the Misery Signals show at the Rally Point on June 16th. come talk to Matt from Kavatica (me) i would be happy to try and help you find a band.

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