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so my friend and i got a small band, its me(guitar) a drummer and bassist, and me and the drummer are the only ones who practice, we can jam to random stuff but nothin real good, and we can do little covers but we dont got any full songs, so basically all we can do is jam, and i've tried to write our own songs but i come up with a bunch of guitar stuff for songs, but when i try to show it to the rest of the band their a.d.d. kicks in and they dont even pay attention for a full song. and when i got the drummer to finally think of some beats for me none of them really went witht he guitar, it just sounded bad.

anyone got some advice on getting a song together, or are we just doomed to sucking?
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im having the same problem man, wish i could help, cause i know i need the help lol
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I had that problem, I went solo.

But, actually i got rid of my keyboard. He was the root of the problem. See if it is one in particualr. if it is, boot them.
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Well, if you have to, then kick them out. Tell them that if they can't take anything seriously and won't do anything, theres no use for them there.
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basically you need to tell them "I gonna play this intro. (to Bass player) you play this during the intro." The drummer should be able to figure out a part that works well as long as you are not writing anything too far beyond his ability (weird time signatures etc.) Walk them through each part of the song. If they can't sit still through the five mins it takes to learn a simple song, then they either don't like what you have written or are too lazy to try something new. If the latter is the case, find some new people to play with.
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stop and talk to them. ask them if they really want something out of this or not. in other words, "band meeting"
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so..you jam right?
while you're jamming, throw in parts to your song, do it a lot of times every once in a while, your drummer *atleast* should recognize it and he'll change up his drum beat a couple of times each time he hears it until he realizes you've done it a couple times, and usually whatever beat he's playing when he hears it will work and it will stick in his head. that way when you do practice the song, he's already heard it, it's not something new that he's gotta make something up to.

Unless you meant Jam along to a song playing on a stereo or something.
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Yeah I'm having the exact same problem. It's me, my mate Galvanise69, our drummer, a new guy on bass who's not bad, and our singer. I think our singer is the cause of it. He's a pain as a person anyway, he makes stupid jokes and is really annoying, but worse he can't sing on the beat to an original we're trying to write, which makes us end up having to wait and look like idiots to get to the right beat. He also wants to play bass but can only play Smells Like Teen Spirit, and even then not that well. What's our problem? Why do we suck? Is it our singer? Our drummer? What?
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I doubt it's you man, you're pretty good, probably better than me.

A quick thing I should point out is that when me and Galvanise69 jam together using our own gear everything goes smoothly and we play in time and we sound awesome. So how come we sound crap in a band situation?
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