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Hey, I just recently got a 7 string but I hate the current pickups on them. What pickups would you recommend for metal? I have EMG's on another guitar so I kinda want a change of pace. I was looking at Dimarzio's website but they have like a dozen different 7 string pickups. Anyone have any ideas?
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dimarzio makes most of their humbuckers in 7 string from. look around.
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bare knuckles are awesome but pricey. so are lungren. i suggest waiting for the new seymour duncan blackouts but if you must get something the SD JB7 is solid.
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Assuming Evolution 7s are the same thing as Evoultions in a 7 string format, Evo7s are great.
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EMG707's are great from what I hear. Although to insert them you need to route a little bit.
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Dizmario PAF7s, they were the first to make a 7 string pickup and did it well, i use one in my H307, i tried a set of EMG707s, the neck pickups now disconnected the PAF7 is all i need for a great tone
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Dimarzio Blaze or Tone Zone 7
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According to the guys at midwales music, my pickups are the best 7 string pickups. I have managed to make a good sounding alnico 7 string pickup. Imagine, all the warmth of alnico but still retaining the solid highs and tight bass that you get from ceramic magnets. I haven't actually sold any of these pickups because they just got past the testing stages. Because you would be the 1st to buy them, I would sell them to you very cheap (just enough to pay for parts) as long as you promis to come back here and tell everybody what you thought of them. If you are interested, let me know and I'll figure out exactly what you need as far as output and color of tone.
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do you guys know when will emg release 707x? or is it already released and i'm just a bummer?
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I have Blackouts in my S7320 and they sound great.
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Quote by sonsofleviathan
do you guys know when will emg release 707x? or is it already released and i'm just a bummer?

And absolutely no need to bump up a 3 year old thread considering it only takes 2 minutes of looking on their site to find the answer...
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EMG-707's are still one of the most common these days, but try Seymour duncan's blackout-7's if you still want the edge that your EMG's had. I personally haven't ever tried the blaze's out so I can't comment, we don't stock them at my shop.
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