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ok, so, like most of my songs, its not quite finished. i always have trouble finishing songs, the most ive ever made was about 3/4. anyway....

this song is kinda thrashy, and ill post up the gp5 file if requested.

crit 4 crit

EDIT: ah cmon guys!! my thread has had 25 views and no replies!!
pleeaaseee can you guys tell me how ive done so far

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A GP5 file would be nice, as its easier to crit to, but from what I can hear its alright. In the intro I'm not too sure of the guitar thats panned left, the one doing just a few notes, but the rest of its good. What I think is the main riff is pretty good, the drums in the previous riff lead up to it well, but it could be done with being a bit more energetic. The riff from about 45 seconds is good but on 54 and 56 seconds onwards it sounds a bit off. The riff from 1.14 is very good actually, but I'm not sure about the bit afterwards, although as it currently leads to nothing thats probably why. Its a good start, but some more is needed, and a GP5 would help so we can see what the structure is going to be.
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Hmm, not bad.

I Liked parts here and there. I think it would be easier to crit if it was in GP5 format, then i could say this measure, that measuere..blah blah blah..

But ya towards the end, around :50 it got metallicay, (which i personally like) dunno if u wanted that, but it was that way..

Not bad, keep working with it and adding...

Thanks for critting mine too