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Okay, so the two guitarists in my "band" (my friend and I) are really starting to get serious about our playing. However, our bassist, and best friend as well, never practices anything besides learning songs, and he thinks randomly throwing out a bassline that has nothing to do with the song, and then forgetting it by the next practice is okay. Also, when we do try to have practice, he randomly puts down his bass and picks up an acoustic guitar. I really wouldn't have a problem with it, if the other guitarist and I weren't so ready to get some real work done. Also, the other guitarist has said repeatedly that he wouldn't EVER kick the bassist out. So I really don't know what to do, I like both guys alot and I'm really confused as to how I should work it out, because I know sticking with the bassist is getting us nowhere fast, but the other guitarist refuses to let him go. Also, I'm at the bassists house every weekend basically, and he just bought a new bass for the band, as he was originally supposed to be the second guitarist, but we all decided he would be better as the bassist. So should I just try my hardest to get him to practice his ass off, or just quit? Because at this point, its something I'm seriously considering...
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sorry but your "band" isnt going to go anywhere. it sounds like hes just a dumb **** who doesnt give a shit, and as long as you let him sit around defecating on your efforts, you're going to fail. think about when showtime comes around, hes going to be fukcing up all over thje place because he wasnt dedicated enough to practice. either get him some ridalin or kick his sorry ass out to the street.
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I've been in your position(ish). The difference was we kicked the bassist out - twice. Moral is, if you want a decent band don't put up with crap - get it sorted. If the bassist wants to be in the band, just the threat should make him work. Also, don't let em back in once you kick em out, that just makes life VERY awkward!
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Ask him what he wants out of this.
Ask him what do you want from this band. Are you just playing around or really trying to make good music
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If he's a good friend then he'd forgive you. Just depends on which is more important, your band our your friend?
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Quote by Philip_87
Ask him what he wants out of this.
Ask him what do you want from this band. Are you just playing around or really trying to make good music

well the guitarist and I are really trying to get focused on becoming the best possible band we can be(we are just highschoolers though, I'm not expecting to be the best band ever or anything, or even that good for a while, I just want to work hard at eventually becoming that). That said, he seems to take it not so seriously, coming up with ideas such as putting in random retarded phrases in our songs and such, and obviously slacking off. But I really don't want to threaten him into practicing because...well I mean he won't be in it for the love of it, he'll be in it so he can stay in the band. But I'm going to have a serious talk with the guitarist tonight, and I appreciate the help.
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Be honest with him tell him to get his shit together to be in a band you have to be honest with each other
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well, the guitarist and I talked, and we decided what was best for right now was that we just give up on the band. We're still gonna get together and jam, and we'll probably form a completely different one pretty soon, minus the bassist. So thanks for the advice, it was much appreciated.