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Here is my newest...not much to say about it...3 guitars...all distorted...fast paced...not quite sure what genre though...maybe just a straight ast progressive song. anyways tell me what you think...ill do the C4C thing if you leave me a link. Powertab is the 1st link, MIDI is the 2nd.
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I really like it. I particularly like the harmonies, very nice. I'm off to play it now. Although it may take me a bit of time to get my alternate up to speed.
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Critting as I listen. The intro sound very Symphony X. Reminds of their song Inferno. Starting at measure 16 is a good riff. But I don't like how it repeats 6 times. It kinda gets boring after 3 or 4. The riff after that sounds forced. The riff at measure 26 is enjoyable. I'm loving the harmony that comes after that. Your harmonies never fail to impress me. As do your guitar solos. I really liked the solo in this one. The harmony at measure 70 is nice. But I don't know if I care for the riff at measure 74. I absolutely LOVE the 2nd solo. And I think it was ended nicely with the harmony.

Overall: Another job well done, Mr. Sonata. 8.5/10

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This automically makes me think of Symphony X. The harmonies are brilliant. Some of the bass notes didn't sound right to me in some areas but overall, great job.
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pretty $$$$ing awesome. awesome riffs, great solo and everything was just so well put together. this is prolly my fav of all ur songs. keep it up

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